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Right Timepiece For Any Occasion

SEALANDAIR watches exceed expectations by keeping up with your active lifestyle. Swiss quality, at an affordable price, to be worn every day.  The perfect timepiece for yourself or as a gift!

Swiss Made Quality & Reliability

Manufactured to official Swiss Made regulations. A designation representing quality craftsmanship, technical competence & innovation. All evident in our aesthetic design, engineering & assembly.

Timely & Fashionable

Whether by Sea, Land or Air SEALANDAIR watches make a statement not only today but for future generations. A measurable difference in quality, look & feel.

Accurate and precise, William (aviation)

Great watch and real value, Mark (camper)

Quality materials used making this watch, Glen (scuba)

Appreciate the uniqueness, large dial & water-resistance, John (boating)

SEALANDAIR Swiss Watches For Sea, Land & Air Adventure

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