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SEALANDAIR Swiss Watch represents adventures and time spent at Sea, on Land & in the Air.  It's our natural inclination to accept greater challenges, or pursuits, that lead to enriched experiences which surpass all expectations.

SEALANDAIR is a purposeful collection of everyday Swiss Made watches consisting of superb materials & craftsmanship.

SEALANDAIR Swiss watches are for those who demand well designed, hand-crafted timepieces for Sea, Land & Air Adventure.  Whether a primary watch or one to complement an existing collection SEALANDAIR represents quality, reliability & tradition.  Designed and manufactured individually by world renowned Swiss watchmakers with years of extensive training & experience.  All timely, stylish and reasonably priced.

Fashionably designed for all occasions SEALANDAIR watches are specifically manufactured for purpose and function.  Whether used while boating, yachting, sailing, scuba-diving, surfing, swimming, camping, aviation or just a day or night on the town you're covered by a Swiss Watch Guarantee.

The term, and standard, ‘Swiss Made’ is applied to some of the world’s most well-crafted and reliable products. When it comes to watches the term applies primarily to the movement behind the construction of the timepiece.

A watch is determined to be ‘Swiss Made’ only if it meets a specific set of conditions. The first is that the movement, which performs the calculations and moves the hands, is of Swiss origin.  Second, is that the movement is encased within the country of Switzerland.  Third, is that the manufacturer carries out final inspections on the watch in Switzerland.

Swiss Made watches are known for accuracy and reliability.  As a result Swiss watches are more desirable in comparison to all other watches for several reasons. 

  • The mechanism is of a superior standard.  The watch is made by hand and can be serviced. The gears are metal.  The components and link pins are made with stronger materials. A watch made of plastic parts can't compare.
  • Stronger high-grade steel is used which provides greater resistant to corrosives.  The watch is least likely to tarnish, less susceptible to wear and tear and hypo-allergenic.  Perfect for those with allergies to inferior alloys.
  • A hard crystal face makes it less likely to scratch under normal conditions. 

‘Swiss Made’ watches may be worn for an entire lifetime or for several lifetimes.  Making it the perfect gift and potential heirloom.  


Movement  The movement, or the mechanism of the watch, performs the calculation and measurement of time.  It includes the gears, pinions which move the hands.  Automatic movements self wind and include jewel pinions.  Quartz movements are powered by a battery.  Both are precise keepers of time. 

Case  The case encloses the movement and is the foundation on which the face of the watch rests.  The width of the case is measured in millimeters (1 inch = 25.4 mm).  The case is made of quality stainless steel.

Face - The face displays time with its indicators and hands.  Indicators and numerics are bright super luminous which glow in dark.

Crown - The crow adjusts the time, day and date.  On an automatic it's used to wind a watch's mainspring, which provides the 'energy' and power to the internal movement.  A dive watch has added protection of a screw crown.

Crystal - The crystal is the glass which covers the face.  Mineral glass is a protective coating which is unlikely to scratch under normal conditions.  A Sapphire crystal has a hardness of 9 Mohs and very unlikely to scratch. 

Watch Band is generally an adjustable bracelet made of stainless steel.  Whereas a watch Strap is self-adjustable which can be made of leather, nylon or rubber.


The Right Timepiece For Any Occasion  
SEALANDAIR Watch exceeds expectations by keeping up with your active lifestyle. Quality & luxury within reach.

Timely, Fashionable & Rugged   
Whether by Sea, Land or Air a SEALANDAIR Watch makes a statement not only today but for future generations. A measurable difference in quality, look & feel.

Swiss Made Quality & Reliability  
Manufactured in accordance to official Swiss Made regulations.  A designation representing quality craftsmanship, technical competence & innovation.  All evident in our aesthetic design, engineering & assembly.

    Swiss Watches For Sea, Land & Air Adventure

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