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SEALANDAIR watches represent adventures and time spent at Sea, on Land & in the Air.  It's our natural inclination to accept greater challenges and pursuits leading to enriched experiences that exceed all expectations.


We're a purposeful collection of everyday Swiss Made watches consisting of superb materials & craftsmanship.

SEALANDAIR Swiss watches are for those who demand well designed, hand-crafted timepieces for Sea, Land & Air Adventure.  Whether a primary watch or one to complement an existing collection SEALANDAIR represents quality, reliability & tradition.  Designed and manufactured individually by world renowned Swiss watchmakers with years of extensive training & experience.  All timely, stylish and reasonably priced.

Fashionably designed for all occasions SEALANDAIR watches are specifically manufactured for purpose and function.  Whether used while boating, yachting, sailing, scuba-diving, surfing, swimming, camping, aviation or just a day or night on the town you're covered with a Swiss Watch Guarantee.

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